Platja del Port

The Port Beach is to be found in the sector of the Port of Llançà. To be more precise, it borders on the installations of the fishing harbour and the pleasure harbour to the east, and the mouth of the river Valleta to the west.

The beach is 425 metres long and 30 metres wide. This therefore gives an active area of 900 square metres
and an area for relaxation of 8,100 square metres. The average angle of inclination of the beach is 6%.

The beach has shower and toilet facilities, and wooden walkways are being installed to give access for wheelchairs.

It should be noted that the walkways go right down to the shoreline.

To close these notes it should be added that the sea-front road that runs along this beach offers all kinds of services, including the Port of Llançà Tourist Office, public telephone boxes, a call centre, bars with terraces, hotels, restaurants and a variety of shops.