Herbokayaking: Sea snacks

SK Kayak. Escola de piragüisme



Passeig Marítim, 4. Llançà

Tel.: 627 433 332

E-mail: info@skkayak.com


Do you want to taste some natural sea tapas based on herbs and algae?


We will carry on with this activity with our friends of Naturalwalks to discover the most authentic Costa Brava around Llançà. Furthermore, we will learn how to sail in a kayak, to recongise edible herbs found on the coastal cliffs and sea algae.

We offer you a new, fresh and fun look of our territory. We will find out the most hidden places and beaches while tasting the most natural sea snacks of the Costa Brava.


The trip is guided by Evarist March, botanist from the well-known restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, as well as gastrobotanical consultant of the Bullipedia. Evarist can detect a huge variety of natural resources where others can see only lanscape. Every activity and project becomes a discovery of new invisible possibilities thanks to his passion, patience and gift of making the invisible become palpable.


  • Duration: 4H
  • Price: 37€ (less than 14 years old, 17,5€)


  • Dates: 14 June, 12 July, 9 August and 13 September
  • Schedule: De 10h a 14h
  • Dates a convenir per grups mínims de 8 persones
  • Dificultat baixa