Kayaking. Fishing tourist trip

SK Kayak. Escola de piragüisme



Passeig Marítim, 4. Llançà

Tel.: 627 433 332

E-mail: info@skkayak.com



It is a morning trip in a kayak, to get aware of the traditional fishermen's daily job. We will depart from Llançà to discover the geology, flora and fauna caracterystics of the Cap de creus coast, while getting close to a fishing boat. Then, we will observe the fishing operations. Afterwards, we will explain you the fishing arts and techniques, the appropiate time and conditions for fishing each specie, their names, problematic issues, etc.

Our guide will give you explanations about the fishing potencial of this area: the caracterystics of the seafloor, geology of Cap de Creus, the Natural Park, sea species; fishes, birds, cetaceans... We will get close to the fishing boat to observe how it works, from where a fisherman will explain us his activities, and we will see fishes getting outside the water inside the nets.

We will taste some sea products to complete this activity.


  • Duration: 4H
  • Price: 40€
  • Place: Llançà


  • Every saturday, from 1 June to 15 september
  • Minimum 6 persons per visit
  • Time: 6:00h | Activity: 6:30h to 10:30h
  • Difficulty: low.