Sailing course

Club Nàutic de Llançà


Port de Llançà - Moll Jordi Canal s/n

Tel: 972 38 07 10



Club Nàutic Llançà has a sailing school, recognized by Escola Catalana de Vela (ECV) and Federació Catalana de Vela (FCV).

Sailing courses are conducted all year round.

Time tables are set according to seasons:


PEAK SEASON (July and August)



LOW SEASON (from September to june)


During the low season, the sailing school activity is developed in the week ends only, from 10:00 to 13:00 h. People interested in those courses should ask for further information at the club offices.

We also offer a SPRING course.



It will be carried out in our club offices. The following documentation is required:

          - Inscription sheet

          - In case of minors, authorization form

          - ID or passport copy, or parents' ID or passport copy in case of minors

          - Health card

Federation or school license or school will be processed when required, depending to each couse.