Defence Towers


Llançà’s defence system has undergone variations throughout its history. We have evidence that around the 16th century there were at least six defence towers distributed with a certain geographical coherence. One of the towers that has reached our days is located in the old Corrallassa street or the  Força Vella, integrated in the Castell Abbot's Palace, currently attached to the church and recognized as the primitive Tower of Homage, a fortress of large dimensions that extended over much of the circumscribed area. Prior to these dates it is difficult to find documentation or excavations that provide more information. The recorded towers, from notary protocols preserved in the Historical Archive of Girona and the Archive of the Crown of Aragon, are as follow: Torre Nova, Torre Portal de la Plaça, Torre de la Força, Torre de l’Homenatge, Torre del Portal d’Amunt, Torre d’en Gifre, Torre del Paborde. Six or seven towers constitute a reasonable figure to surround a small nucleus, as well as a minimum of two exterior doors, one facing north (Portal d'Amunt) and the other facing midday light (Portal de la Plaça), following the old tradition of being in agreement with the cardinal points,  which would later be increased to four.

It should be highlighted that the last tower of the town’s gate was popularly known as the tower of the Portal d’en Serrapí, above mentioned as Tower Portal