Cap de Ras Bunker

“CAP de RAS” BUNKER 1944-1949

During the Second World War, the Franco government ordered bunkers to be built along the Pyrenees to defend the country against possible attack from the Allies. However, the bunkers were never actually used despite the huge investment in setting up the so-called “P-Line” defence system.

The iron and concrete bunkers were built to a fairly standard pattern throughout the geographical area, but the Cap de Ras bunker contains three features indicating that it was one of the major and most complex of its kind. Within a small area of 25m², we find an underground passage leading to a cavity carved out of the rock, which in turn leads out into a 30-metre long trench leading to the entrance.  At this point there are two observation posts, one looking out to sea and the other surveying the whole Llançà coastline.