Llançà is a small Mediterranean town of about 5,000 inhabitants and with an area of ​​28,625 km². Check all the data about Llançà here (Idescat information).

It is located in a valley, in the middle of a unique landscape that combines sea and mountains, in the Alt Empordà region, in the northeast of Catalonia and about 30 km away from the border with France. In addition, it has a 7km stretch of coastline, with 22 beautiful beaches and small coves.

Llançà is surrounded by both land and sea, by two protected natural areas: the Cap de Creus Natural Park and the Albera Natural Area of ​​National Interest. In order to preserve our environment, we are committed to practice a sustainable tourism, close and friendly to the environment.

The excellent offer of beaches and small and quiet coves that Llançà offers, the unique and characteristic landscape of the area, the wealth of significant elements of cultural heritage - from the megalithic (with dolmens and prehistoric remains) to significant remains of pre-Romanesque architecture - and the wide range of activities, make Llançà an ideal destination to enjoy unforgettable holidays as a family, as a couple, in a group or even alone.

Tranquility for you and your family, security, adventure, discovery of heritage from various historical periods, the freshness of the sea, the well-being of nature and the discovery of unique landscapes, the tasting and acquisition of km0 and quality products, new unique experiences and a wide variety of activities for all audiences, are some of the sensations that you can experience in Llançà. And if you have already visited us, we await your return with new proposals designed especially for you and yours.

Come and enjoy the essence of Llançà 365 days a year, we are waiting for you!