Route of Dolmens and Chapels

STARTING POINT: Tourist Office

POINT OF ARRIVAL: Tourist Office


TIME-LENGTH (hours and minutes): 4-5 h


TYPE OF TRACK: Path and track


DESCRIPTION OF ITINERARY: From the Tourist Office, we cross the road N-260 and go down to the stream. From this point, we take the path on the left (GR11) which goes up to Coll de les Portes. Then, we continue until we arrive to Sant Silvestre. After that, we continue by the GR11 but we have to leave it in order to go to Mas Guanter (Country House Guanter), just under Puig d’Esquers (Hill of Esquers). In the middle of the climb, we turn off to the left for going to the Sant Martí Chapel of Vallmala and we return by the same track in order to continue the route. Afterwards, we continue straight on until we find the path on the right which goes up to Puig d’Esquers. Once we have been in Puig d’Esquers, we can enjoy the views and we can visit a dolmen. When we go down, we take the same path of the climb until we arrive to the intersection which leads us to Sant Miquel de Colera. From this place, we take the path which goes to Sant Miquel and we return by the same one until we find the intersection again. From this point, we go down on the right towards Colera. If we continue the route, we arrive to a green water tank and then we turn to the right until we find the Mas Partiràs (Country House Partiràs). From this place, we take the third path (the path which does not go up) in order to find the dolmen of Puig de Llop (Hill of Wolf). Then, we continue towards Coll de les Portes where we cross the GR11 on the way to Sant Genís del Terrer (we can visit the Chapel and we can enjoy the views). Afterwards, we continue the path until the water tank where we go down on the left for arriving to Rivera de Madres, a brook. If we continue this path, we arrive to the Tourist Office while going through the bridge of the train. Finally, we cross the stream and the road N-260.

SITES OF INTEREST: Coll de les Portes, Sant Silvestre de Valleta, Sant Martí de Vallmala, Puig d’Esquers, Dolmen del Puig d’Esquers, Sant Miquel de Colera. Dolmen del Puig de les Aigües,  Dolmen del Puig del Llop and Ermita de Sant Genís del Terrer.


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