CETS Cap de Creus


Carta Europea de Turisme Sostenible (CETS)


CETS Cap de Creus


The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) is a European initiative that promotes responsible and sustainable tourism in protected natural areas and their surrounding regions. It is a management and operational tool aimed at protected natural areas throughout Europe and at tourism companies that voluntarily commit to applying the principles of sustainable tourism. The Cap de Creus Natural Park has been accredited with the CETS, which certifies that the territory has a sustainable tourism strategy developed and agreed upon with the stakeholders in the area.

This is a territorial project that includes 8 municipalities, including Llançà, that are part of the Natural Park and its area of influence. The CETS is structured around 5 fundamental principles:

  1. Prioritize the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
  2. Contribute to the sustainable development of the territory, including social, environmental, and economic aspects.
  3. Involve all stakeholders in sustainable tourism.
  4. Effectively plan sustainable tourism with agreed-upon objectives and actions.
  5. Promote continuous improvement in all areas.

The municipality of Llançà is committed to the responsible management of resources, the protection of our heritage, and the well-being of all who visit and live in the area. We firmly believe in the CETS as a tool to preserve the natural and cultural wealth of our territory while offering enriching and responsible experiences to our visitors.