Flexibility in the use of a mask - From 26 June

Measures against Covid-19 in Catalonia

From June 26 onwards, and as a result of the improvement of epidemiological indicators and advances in the vaccination campaign, the mandatory use of the mask in public outdoor spaces will be relaxed.

Outside, therefore, the mask is no longer mandatory as long as there is an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters between people who do not belong to the same coexistence bubble.

By contrast, the mask will continue to be mandatory in enclosed spaces for public use (libraries, theaters, concert halls, medical offices, etc.) and in enclosed spaces open to the public, such as shops, supermarkets and similar establishments, so we must always carry the mask with us if we want to access any enclosed space for shared use.

Remember to always carry a mask with you for those situations where its use is still mandatory.



In public (buses, trains, planes, metro, etc.) and private means of transport for non-living people with up to 9 seats, such as taxis, you must always wear a mask, whatever the distance between passengers is. You will also need to wear a mask on the platforms and stations.

Personal vehicles are excluded if traveling alone or with cohabitants, as well as outdoor spaces with distance and personal cabins of ships and ships.


Outdoor events

The mask is also still mandatory at crowded outdoor events where crowds may occur or attendees may be standing.

In the case of outdoor events with seated attendees and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, the mask will not be mandatory.



Neither will the mask be mandatory for users of residences for the elderly or people with functional diversity, nor for collective residences for essential workers, provided that in all cases the complete vaccination schedule for residents and working staff exceeds 80 %. However, the staff and visitors to these centers will be required to bring them.