The Flaixbac program "EL VERMUT" in Llançà!


The Ràdio Flaixbac program “EL VERMUT”, by Llucià Ferrer, was broadcasted from La Gola de Llançà last Saturday 26th June.

Attendees shared a vermouth with the staff and the food truck of Ràdio Flaixbac, in the company of the best guests and collaborators.

The program could also be followed on live Flaixbac radio from 12pm to 2pm!

With the magnificent presenter Llucià Ferrer, the collaborator Laura Fa, the intervention of our mayor, Núria Escarpanter Olivet, and 3 very special guests:

👨‍🍳 Paco Pérez, chef with 5 Michelin stars, two of them at the Miramar Restaurant in Llançà.

👩🏻‍🎤 Carla Frigó, well-known influencer and musician.

🌦 Tomàs Molina, meteorologist and weather presenter on TV3.