Half Marathon of Albera de Llançà

STARTING POINT: Main Square of Llançà

POINT OF ARRIVAL: Main Square of Llançà

DIFFERENCE IN HEIGHT (metres): +1000m

TIME-LENGHT (hours and minutes): 2-6h

GRADE OF DIFFICULTY: Medium to high.

TYPE OF TRACK (walking-track, wide-track...): Wide-track and Walking-track


We leave the Main Square of Llançà, toward Nicolás Salmerón Street, and we turn right into Dolors Falcó Street and we pass the Medical Center. We cross the road and follow the riverbank toward the west until arrive to the cement plant where we pass under the railway bridge. We continue along the riverbank following the PR marks (yellow) toward the hermitage of Sant Genís del Terrer. Once arrived in Sant Genís del Terrer, we go toward Coll de les Portes and take the path direction Sant Silvestre until see the hermitage. We find a path (GR-11) that leads down directly to Sant Silvestre.

From this point, crossing the new wood bridge, we find on the right a path. We follow the path along the riverbank and we arrive at the hunter hut. We continue straight on 1,5km until the end of the path. From this point, we will take the path that climbs up to Sant Martí de Valmalla.

Immediately after, we will follow the path that climbs up until the Hill of Esquers (606,3 meters in height). We will go down steeply, following the yellow marks along, until the Mas Patiràs (a country house). From there, we climb until the Puig del Llop (Wolf’s Hill) (452 meters in height) and we continue toward Hill of Tifell (408 meters in height).

Following the yellow marks, we continue toward Serra del Socarrador (mountain ridge) (The Peack of les Aigües, 332 meters in height and, Hill of l’Illa, 223 meters in height). We will continue go down toward the new sewage plant where we follow the riverbank until reach the road.

We will continue along Mestral Avenue and, from the little bridge that crosses the riverbank, we will find a dirt track (a path of vegetable gardens situated behind La Vela Restaurant). We follow the road until reach the Main Square of Llançà that is the end of the walk. 


Sant Genís del Terrer, Sant Silvestre de Valleta, Sant Martí de Vallmala, Hill of Esquers, Hill of Tifell and Serra del Socarrador.

Come to enjoy the Half Mountain Marathon in the Albera of Llançà every year at January, a race with a good environment that is the starting point of the Mountain Season Races. We propose you to prepare it during all the year with this brochure and her marking! Enjoy the Albera of Llançà, the Sea and the Mountain!


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